Our goal is to hear a member say, “FAB changed my life!”

What Are People Saying About FAB?

“I feel so blessed to have you working for our students and our school. You’re an intricate part of our family, and you make us into a championship team. You’re awesome! Thank you!”
Jamaal A. Bowman
Founding Principal
Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School


“Jessica is the most motivated, talented, and relatable career educator I know!”

Omnia Khanis
Student Engagement and Retention Specialist 
Pace University


“I was extremely delighted with the Road to Success manual. I really enjoy how you designed the book, topics and exercises. You are truly special and we are lucky to have you as a member of the team. Thank you for the excellent effort and work. I hear the kids really enjoy your workshops. Great!”
Clyde Thompson
Youth Service Coordinator
Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Center


“I really love what you stand for and what you do to empower others… You’re a blessing to many looking for support, direction and training… And because of that, God will richly reward you in all that you do.”
Lucy Mercado
FAB Member


“I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for your brilliant presentation at the HBA Expo last week. I felt the need to reach out to you because I could relate so much to your story. I took a leap of faith in March this year to pursue my dream of moving to New York City from London, England to work in the beauty/fashion industry. I now understand that I need the help and support of others and people who I admire to help me reach my goals and make my dreams reality. Thank you so much for your time Jessica.”
Jean-Marie Tucker
Makeup Artist, Eve Pearl


“I think that the work you are doing is marvelous. I read your FAB Network site in its entirety and was truly inspired. The work that you do is incredibly important, as it helps women like me realize that dreams are real and that we have the power to bring those dreams to life! Also, the testimonials on the FAB Network cite cemented my belief that mentorship and guidance is the key to a successful protégé. Thank you Jessica… for giving hope to those who struggle with believing in themselves.”
Samantha V. Irvin
FAB Member


“Thanks again for hosting such an amazing event. I had the opportunity to meet some great people who offered helpful advice on how I can build my personal brand. I definitely look forward to connecting with you and attending more FAB events.”
Patrice J. Williams
FAB Event Attendee


“You inspired me to get more serious about my goals and dreams. I’ve had so many new thoughts & ideas since we met…now I just need to ‘connect the dots’. P.S. I went to the FAB blog and I love it!”
Cynthia Henriquez
Manager, Digital Promotions
Turner (A Time Warner Company)


“Jessica Styles is an extremely engaging speaker who involves the audience right from the beginning of her presentation. She is obviously passionate about what she does and has a lot of energy. Students would be wise to employ the tips she gave about creating a “WOW factor”, especially in today’s economy.”
Caryanne Farley
Career Counselor
Ithaca College


“After attending The FAB Network presentation at LIM College, I followed your advice and landed a volunteer opportunity with my DREAM company, Christian Louboutin! I wanted to thank you because I took your presentation to heart and honestly believe that it helped me to approach not only the Director of Public Relations for Christian Louboutin, but other important employees affiliated with the company. I made sure that I was memorable and extremely interested in any opportunity within the company. As a result, I had an email request less than 24 hours later! Again, thank you so much for your advice and keep up the good work!!! I am sure that I am just one of the few success stories you have!”
Jaclyn Francis
LIM – Where Business Meets Fashion


“I have never been to an event that has left me so inspired! I left with more than just the proper preparations and steps needed for obtaining my dreams, but also a friend and mentor. The ability to connect with us is amazing and humbling. Jessica Styles provided us with more than just a speech, but a wake up call!”
Sodq Sotivongsa
Binghamton University


“As a rising junior, I did not know much about the corporate world and how things worked. The first thing Jessica taught me was that I needed to get organized. She suggested that I keep a notebook of emails I sent, every project I worked on, and every meeting I sat in on. This advice was extremely helpful. When I interviewed for an internship at Capitol Records the next year, I showed my interviewer and future supervisor my MTV notebook and he was more than impressed. Needless to say, I was hired. The knowledge FAB has shared with me is extremely valuable and should be shared with every college student.”
Patricia Rodriguez
Ithaca College


“It’s a challenge to know about every event and networking activity going on; FAB has helped me to be able to keep my ear to the industry and learn about those things that are the pulse of the entertainment scene. Also, FAB has a way of giving that motivational lift at the perfect time, especially when I’m going through a mundane work day. It’s an all-in-one organization. I am excited I learned about FAB!”
Kiarra Smothers
Partner Marketing Coordinator
MTV Networks/BET Networks


“FAB is a brilliant idea and important organization for college students, career services professionals and corporations. Jessica has a unique and informed approach that prepares students to go after and get their dream job, supports career services professionals to better prepare students, as well as connect them to creative-type industries and lastly, provides companies with the chance to interface with and attract up and coming talent.”
Dr. Elizabeth Moran
VP, Educational Development
The New World Institute


“A private consultation with FAB’s Founder, Jessica Styles, was just what the doctored ordered. Thanks FAB!”
Brandi Wilson
FAB Member