On top of staying motivated, it is extremely important to understand you will not always succeed. Get that out of your head right now, you will not always be successful. When the time comes that you are rejected, you have to dig deep at that moment and be as resilient as possible. Take a step back, look at what you did, analyze and see what you could have done better. Failure is inevitable, and you cannot be afraid to fail. Let go of the fear of failure and look at failure as a learning lesson.

Be optimistic, it is extremely important that when you are kicked down, you look at the glass half-full. Being negative, will only continue to put negative thoughts in your head, and think the worst of the situation at hand.

Rejection can bring forth stronger emotions, and urge you to push yourself to do better than last time. Remember that time when you lost in a sporting event, or when you didn’t perform to the best of your ability in the event? You do not want to do that again, and you push yourself to do it better next time. You have to have a good sense of resiliency, so that you can bounce back from your set backs.

Another reason as to why rejection can assist, is that it keeps you grounded. It makes you realize you are capable of more, if you dig deep and push yourself to be better. Rejection is not the end, it is just an eye opener to see what you have to do to get where it is that you desire.

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